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Real World Track Packs

The following collection of Real World Track Packs have been carefully and meticulously recreated.  Each represents hours of research for photographs & videos, checking specifications, thoughtful study, and then careful recreation with constant tweaking until each ride is as perfect as RollerCoaster Tycoon will allow.  "My collection of Real World Track Packs contain the most accurate RollerCoaster Tycoon recreations on the RCT Webring." -- Steve Franks

Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs are an exclusive feature to RCT Station.

The individual packs offered below each contain:

  • The .TD4 RCT track file
  • The .TP4 RCT preview image
  • An .TD6 track update as they become available
  • RCT Screenshots (Overviews and Highlights)
  • Photos of the actual coaster
  • A .doc file outlining the actual coaster and its RCT counterpart

For each pack, you can either download the .ZIP pack itself, or you can click the thumbnail to preview the coaster.

Note: Due to Chris Sawyer's technical changes to the .TD4 files in the expansion packs, Loopy Landscapes, RCT/Gold, or RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is now required for all of Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs.

This .ZIP pack includes all of the new fonts used in the documentation for the track packs.  It's very simple to install and includes a descriptive text file to help you out.

To insure that you can enjoy my recreations as I have created them for the Steve Franks Collection of Real World Track Packs and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, use the official workbench called Nirvana Gardens, kindly provided by Mr. O'Connor.

With the release of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, I felt the need to offer some good words on RCT 2, and most importantly, my Track Packs. To view this document, download it here.

Aeroplane Coaster @ Playland
Description:  Not only a visual masterpiece, the Prior & Church Aeroplane Coaster was also one of the most spectacular and fierce roller coasters ever built.  This is simply the most accurate recreation of the Aeroplane on the RCT Webring.

Download | File Size: 617kb

Alpengeist @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg  
Description:  This legendary snowbeast of the German Alps now stalks Williamsburg as the elegant B&M Alpengeist.  Opened in 1997 as the tallest, largest, and fastest inverted coaster in the world, this RCT recreation is a visual knockout.

Download | File Size: 1.02mb

Apollo's Chariot @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg  
Description:  Ancient myth meets modern-day technology aboard Messrs. Bolliger & Mabillard's Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  The fun begins with a pulse quickening 210 foot 1st drop.

Download | File Size: 660kb

Batwing @ 6 Flags America  

Description:  Vekoma's second Flying Coaster is due to open in May 2001.  Batwing introduces a few new twists to the design pioneered with last year's Stealth.  6 Flags America VP says, "Maryland hasn't seen anything like this since...[the Wright Brothers]... in 1909."

Track update, new photos, ammended doc - Nov 2001

Download | File Size: 443kb

Big Bad Wolf @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg  

Description:  Recognized by many as Arrow's finest suspended coaster, Big Bad Wolf ravages a small Bavarian village before plunging 100 feet over the Rhine River.  One of the most visually stunning RCT rides ever.  Bench also includes Drachen Fire & Wilde Maus.

Download | File Size: 678kb

Big Dipper @ Springlake Pk  

Description:  Another wonderful John Miller masterpiece with one of the longest tunnels of any coaster.   Pack includes second bonus coaster and bench.

RCT 2 Tracks Added -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 537kb

The Bobsleds
Descriptions:  Three great Bobsled coasters from three great parks. The rides are the Avalanche @ Kings Dominion, Avalanche @ Pleasure Beach, and Avalanche Run @ Cedar Point.

Download | File Size: 302kb

Bobsled @ Coney Island  

Description:  Originally built for the 1939 New York World's Fair and later moved to Coney Island, this was the last of the Bartlett Flying Turns bobsleds.  It was also the longest surviving Bartlett ride.  A visual knockout in any RCT park.

RCT 2 Track Included -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 424kb

Bullet @ Flamingo Land  
Description:  This is one of Anton Schwarzkopf's best known and most demented thrill machines.  First built in Vienna, it became an orphan until finding its permanent home at Flamingo Land, UK.

Download | File Size: 269kb

Buzzsaw Falls @ Silver Dollar City   
Description:  On May 12, 1999 Premier Rides and Silver Dollar City opened the world's first water coaster -- Buzzsaw Falls -- combining white water chills and roller coaster thrills.  A visually stunning RCT ride.

Download | File Size: 724kb

Cannonball @ Lake Winnepesaukah   

Description:  One of the best loved woodies, Lake Winnie Cannonball is also typical of Allen's small-large-small hill layout concept.  The Wild Thing steel mouse, which opened at Lake Winnie in 2001, is a bonus coaster.  Bench included.

RCT 2 Track Included -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 501kb

Coaster Thrill Ride @ Puyallup Fair    
Description:  Come to the Puyallup Fair!  A curious name for a fair with a curious little coaster.  Coaster Thrill Ride is one of those "shiny gem" classic coasters that, despite its size, still packs many thrills and spills.  Puyallup's Monster Mouse is the second ride included along with my bench of the fair as a bonus.

Download | File Size: 506kb

Cyclone @ Coney Island
Descriptions:  Many think that this is the standard for wooden coasters. The Cyclone is now a national landmark.

Download | File Size: 134kb

Cyclone @ Crystal Beach

Descriptions:  Harry Traver designed and built the world's most terrifying and majestic coaster. The Crystal Beach Cyclone was fast paced, furious, and disorienting. The only roller coaster that came complete with a nurse! 

Totally revised track file; new photos in pack. -- Sept. 18, 2000

Download | File Size: 276kb

Cyclone @ Puritas Springs  
Descriptions:  Considered to be John Miller's masterpiece, the brutal ravine coaster, Cyclone @ Puritas Springs, has been honored with a place on the Smithsonian Institution's list of Great Lost Roller Coasters.   Bench included.

Download | File Size: 754kb

Cyclone @ Williams Grove 

Descriptions:  The Cyclone at Williams Grove has been described as, "A funky little coaster in a funky little park."  This great small park coaster features a double-dip and return track hidden under the outgoing track.  Some funny personal accounts of this quirky coaster are in the doc file.

Download | File Size: 253kb

Cyclone Racer @ Long Beach
Descriptions:  Lauded as the "World's Greatest Ride" when it opened in 1930, Harry Traver, its builder, considered the Cyclone his favorite roller coaster. It was the only racer he was ever associated with.

Download | File Size: 302kb

Dongo's Race @ Plopsaland  
Descriptions:  Perhaps the best double figure-8 family coaster is Dongo's Race from Plopsaland, Belgium. This coaster is unusual with its long, single 20 car train headed by the shy tortoise, Dongo, with rockets strapped to his shell! Rollerskater is bonus coaster.

Download | File Size: 830kb

The Dips @ West View Park  
Descriptions:  One of the least known coaster builders, T.M. Harton, built one of the most beautiful and unique wooden coasters.  With its trademark "hairpin" turnaround, The Dips @ West View Park terrified Pennsylvanians for 71 years.

Download | File Size: 371kb

Drachen Fire @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg  

Descriptions:  Drachen Fire's unlucky career has finally come to an end with its recent demolition.  This recreation is a fitting tribute.  As a bonus, Williamsburg's Wilde Maus is also included.

RCT 2 Versions Added, Wilde Maus Corrected -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 408kb

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