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Real World Track Packs

The following collection of Real World Track Packs have been carefully and meticulously recreated.  Each represents hours of research for photographs & videos, checking specifications, thoughtful study, and then careful recreation with constant tweaking until each ride is as perfect as RollerCoaster Tycoon will allow.  "My collection of Real World Track Packs contain the most accurate RollerCoaster Tycoon recreations on the RCT Webring." -- Steve Franks

Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs are an exclusive feature to RCT Station.

The individual packs offered below each contain:

  • The .TD4 RCT track file
  • The .TP4 RCT preview image
  • An .TD6 track update as they become available
  • RCT Screenshots (Overviews and Highlights)
  • Photos of the actual coaster
  • A .doc file outlining the actual coaster and its RCT counterpart

For each pack, you can either download the .ZIP pack itself, or you can click the thumbnail to preview the coaster.

Note: Due to Chris Sawyer's technical changes to the .TD4 files in the expansion packs, Loopy Landscapes, RCT/Gold, or RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is now required for all of Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs.

This .ZIP pack includes all of the new fonts used in the documentation for the track packs.  It's very simple to install and includes a descriptive text file to help you out.

To insure that you can enjoy my recreations as I have created them for the Steve Franks Collection of Real World Track Packs and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, use the official workbench called Nirvana Gardens, kindly provided by Mr. O'Connor.

With the release of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, I felt the need to offer some good words on RCT 2, and most importantly, my Track Packs. To view this document, download it here.

Icarus Comet Coaster
Description:  Another great mini-steel coaster by Tivoli.  This giant mouse-type coaster, with its rocket car trains, is another crash proof coaster that will provide many years of service in your RCT parks.

Download | File Size: 88kb

Iron Wolf @ Great America  

Description:  Iron Wolf is a fast paced romp with an 80 foot plummet into a vertical loop, followed by a helix, corkscrew, and jumble of track leaving its riders disoriented. This is Bolliger & Mabillard's first coaster.

RCT 2 Track Added - Jan 2003

Download | File Size: 640kb

Jack Rabbit @ Idora Park  
Description:  One of the great old classic coasters by Ed Vettel -- the Jack Rabbit @ Idora Park.  With its low lying turnaround and rapid succession bunnyhops, the Rabbit gave rider's plenty of laterals and 'airtime.' Highly detailed RCT2 version.

RCT2 & RCT/LL/Gold

Download | File Size: 536kb

Jazz Railway @ Rocky Glen Park  

Description:  The first coaster with a steel superstructure. Built by Harry Traver, this is a great mini-coaster for that old Trolley Park. Give your peeps a break and nestle this between your "windmills of death."

Major Track Update & RCT 2 Track Added - Jan 2003

Download | File Size: 511kb

Jumbo Jet  
Description:  One of Schwarzkopf's most famous portable rides, the Jumbo Jet simulates the antics of a jet fighter with fast drops, turns, rises and helix. Despite its size, Jumbo Jet still packs a wallop!

RCT 2 Required

Download | File Size: 157kb

King Cobra @ Kings Island

Description:  King Cobra was America's first "standup" coaster. It created quite a sensation when opened in 1984. With its 66 foot vertical loop, and 540 degree horizontal helix, King Cobra still has "its sting" much to the approval to all who ride it. This marvelous medium-sized coaster is a sure fire winner in any RCT park!

Download | File Size: 155kb

Lake Placid Bobs @ Palisades  

Description:  Built in Palisades Park in 1937, this was the biggest and fastest Flying Turns designed by inventor Norman Bartlett.  New photos, information, and major track additions have justified this update having its own pack.  A must for any RCT park.  The peeps love it.

RCT 2 Track Included -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 417kb

Leap-the-Dips @ Lakemont Park  
Description:  The oldest roller coaster in the world and restored as a historic landmark. Maybe not the highest or fastest, but it will surely make your park respectable.

Tracks & Docs revised -- May 2000
RCT 2 Track Included -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 274kb

Lost River @ Idora Park  
Description:  Built by Philadelphia Toboggan, Lost River @ Idora dark ride snaked it way through the Wild Cat roller coaster's superstructure. An impressive installation in any RCT park with 40 foot drop, splash pool and waterfall. Draws peeps whether rain or shine!

RCT 2 Required

Download | File Size: 483kb

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