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Real World Track Packs

The following collection of Real World Track Packs have been carefully and meticulously recreated.  Each represents hours of research for photographs & videos, checking specifications, thoughtful study, and then careful recreation with constant tweaking until each ride is as perfect as RollerCoaster Tycoon will allow.  "My collection of Real World Track Packs contain the most accurate RollerCoaster Tycoon recreations on the RCT Webring." -- Steve Franks

Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs are an exclusive feature to RCT Station.

The individual packs offered below each contain:

  • The .TD4 RCT track file
  • The .TP4 RCT preview image
  • RCT Screenshots (Overviews and Highlights)
  • A .doc file outlining the actual coaster and its RCT counterpart

For each pack, you can either download the .ZIP pack itself, or you can click the thumbnail to preview the coaster.

Note: Due to Chris Sawyer's technical changes to the .TD4 files in the expansion packs, Loopy Landscapes is now required for all of Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs.

This .ZIP pack includes all of the new fonts used in the documentation for the track packs.  It's very simple to install and includes a descriptive text file to help you out.

To insure that you can enjoy my recreations as I have created them for the Steve Franks Collection of Real World Track Packs and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, use the official workbench called Nirvana Gardens, kindly provided by Mr. O'Connor.

With the release of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, I felt the need to offer some good words on RCT 2, and most importantly, my Track Packs. To view this document, download it here.

Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point
Description:  From its first 194-foot plunge to its pretzel loop return, the Magnum grabs its riders by the throat and doesn't let go until the brake run. This coaster is HUGE.

Totally revised track - July 2000

Download | File Size: 366kb

Mantis @ Cedar Point

Description:  Cedar Point reaffirmed its status as the thrill ride capital of the world in 1996 with the debut of Mantis. It challenges riders with its imposing loops, dives, and twisted track built partially over a lagoon.

Download | File Size: 155kb

Mega Zeph @ Jazzland

Description:  CCI has put in everything but the kitchen sink on their latest creation. Sporting a helix, Trick Track, and a 45 mph turnaround over Jazz Lake, Mega Zeph is big, bad and beautiful. A must for your theme park!

Major update to track, doc file, and new photos - August 2001

Download | File Size: 221kb

Ninja @ 6 Flags Magic Mountain  
Description:  Dubbed "the blackbelt of roller coasters", Ninja made its debut as the first suspended coaster on the West Coast.  Ninja is a striking ride and is worthy of joining the RCT stable of coaster recreations.

Download | File Size: 295kb

Ocean Park Coasters
Description:  Two legendary coasters from Coney Island of the Pacific -- Ocean Park. Prior & Church's Giant Dipper, and the Miller/Page High Boy are both premier coasters that will do credit to any RCTer's track stable.

Download | File Size: 184kb

Over the Top! @ Pickering Pier  

Description:  Another Virginia Reel type coaster which was originally designed by Henry Riehl, chief builder and ride designer from Coney Island.

Track Redesigned, RCT 2 Version Added -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 277kb

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