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Real World Track Packs

The following collection of Real World Track Packs have been carefully and meticulously recreated.  Each represents hours of research for photographs & videos, checking specifications, thoughtful study, and then careful recreation with constant tweaking until each ride is as perfect as RollerCoaster Tycoon will allow.  "My collection of Real World Track Packs contain the most accurate RollerCoaster Tycoon recreations on the RCT Webring." -- Steve Franks

Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs are an exclusive feature to RCT Station.

The individual packs offered below each contain:

  • The .TD4 RCT track file
  • The .TP4 RCT preview image
  • An .TD6 track update as they become available
  • RCT Screenshots (Overviews and Highlights)
  • Photos of the actual coaster
  • A .doc file outlining the actual coaster and its RCT counterpart

For each pack, you can either download the .ZIP pack itself, or you can click the thumbnail to preview the coaster.

Note: Due to Chris Sawyer's technical changes to the .TD4 files in the expansion packs, Loopy Landscapes, RCT/Gold, or RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is now required for all of Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs.

This .ZIP pack includes all of the new fonts used in the documentation for the track packs.  It's very simple to install and includes a descriptive text file to help you out.

To insure that you can enjoy my recreations as I have created them for the Steve Franks Collection of Real World Track Packs and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, use the official workbench called Nirvana Gardens, kindly provided by Mr. O'Connor.

With the release of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, I felt the need to offer some good words on RCT 2, and most importantly, my Track Packs. To view this document, download it here.

Race Thru The Clouds  

Description:  Roller coasters were new and all the rage early in the century. Prior & Church's 1911 Race Thru the Clouds was the first and largest side friction racing coaster ever built on the west coast. With more than 4,000 feet of dual track and amazing station-to-lift surprise, its name invoked all the wonder and magic that this new invention could conjure -- A Race Thru the Clouds!

Workbench added 05/01/02

Download | File Size: 741kb

Raging Wolf Bobs @ Six Flags Ohio
Description:  Patterned after the famous Traver Riverview Bobs, this mammoth triple "out and back" coaster weaves thrill seekers through 13 twisted hills and 25 intense curves. 

Major track revision -- July 2000

Download | File Size: 255kb

Raptor @ Cedar Point
Description:  Raptor! This massive bird of prey was unleashed by Bolliger & Mabillard at Cedar Point in 1994. It is still one of the hallmark coaster rides in the World. This recreation is about as close as you can get without going to Cedar Point.

New LL track and photos added - January 2001

Download | File Size: 249kb

The Reel @ Pleasure Beach  

Description:  The longest surviving Virginia Reel from the Pleasure Beach was an example of a giant Reel.  It boasted seven glides, six switchbacks and additional dips added in the front.

Minor cosmetic changes to track and cars, jpg added -- 02/05/01

Download | File Size: 196kb

Rolly Coaster @ Millbrook Park  

Description:  What could be better than a stroll with your honey on a warm summer's day, and a ride on the Rolly Coaster at Millbrook Park?  Nothing.  And that is what thousands did after a week's toil in the town's steel mills.  A great side friction coaster and park from a bygone era.

Download | File Size: 536kb

Santa Monica Coasters
Description:  Two famous coasters ran on the Santa Monica pier -- the Looff side-friction Blue Streak Racer, and Prior & Church's Whirlwind Dipper. Each were state of the art at the time of their construction in 1919 and 1924.

Download | File Size: 387kb

Sea Dragon @ Wyandot Lake  

Description:  John Allen's first solo coaster design and the only one of three built still operating.  A perfect small real world coaster for your RCT park.  It looks great and has high popularity numbers with the peeps.

RCT 2 Track Included -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 618kb

Sesquicentennial Cyclone

Descriptions:  This is a marvelous medium sized coaster designed and built by Harry Traver for the Philadelphia Exposition of 1926. An excitingly twisted track complete with helix, this Cyclone is a visual beauty and one of my personal favorites. 

Download | File Size: 305kb

Shockwave @ Great America

Description:  Shockwave was the first of Six Flags' three mega-loopers. Its a harrowing 155-foot drop into 3 lofty vertical loops, a boomerang, and two corkscrews at speeds up to 65 mph.

Download | File Size: 301kb

Shivering Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure
Description:  CCI's most recent offering is the nearly one-mile long, fast paced, rough & tumble, out and back wooden coaster Shivering Timbers. This is one of the fastest wooden coasters built with speeds up to 65 mph. The return to the station is a collection of camel humps, double-ups, Trick Track, and a fabulous 630 degree helix.

Download | File Size: 205kb

Shooting Star @ Lakeside Park  
Description:  John Allen liked designing coasters the whole family enjoyed.  Opened in 1968, the Shooting Star at Lakeside Park served as a smaller version of Allen's 1976 Screamin' Eagle, and helped Allen alter his design style to the mega coaster concept.

Download | File Size: 456kb

Silver Bullet @ Frontier City 
Description:  Another Schwarzkopf coaster just perfect for that small RCT park. This was one of his most popular "stock" semi-portable coasters. RCT/LL/Gold track and bench.

RCT 2 track included -- Nov 2002

Download | File Size: 437kb

Single Rail Coasters  
Description:  Four great single-rail coasters, four radically different designs!  The famous Batflyer @ Lightwater Valley, UK, the fun Scooby's Ghoster Coaster @ PKI, the racer De Vleermuis @ Plopsaland, Belgium, and the duel helix Sky Rider @ Skyline, Germany.  Bench included.

Download | File Size: 558kb

Sky Princess @ Dutch Wonderland  
Description:  The Sky Princess is the first roller coaster designed and built by CCI.  This was just a taste of what was to come.  Beautiful station complex and very graceful layout.  Bonus Joust kiddie coaster and bench included.

Download | File Size: 524kb

Skyliner @ Lakemont Park 
Description:  John Allen's first coaster, the Skyliner was saved from destruction and relocated to Lakemont Park in 1987.

Download | File Size: 209kb

Station Flyer @ Station Park 

Description:  Originally created as a tribute to Red Phoenix and RCT Station, this personally designed out & back woodie bears all the marks of the traditional classic coaster; 2 tunnels, 2 fine del capos, 2 double-dips, high speed turnaround, and a modern 540 degree helix finale!

RCT/LL/Gold & RCT 2 Tracks Included

Download | File Size: 763kb

Stealth @ Great America

Description:  Forget everything you have come to know about coasters.  This ride rewrites all the rules!   Vekoma's Stealth is the world's first Flying Coaster. Opened in 2000.

Download | File Size: 361kb

Steel Dragon @ Nagashima  

Description:  Steel Dragon 2000 made the Guiness Book of World Records in 2000 as the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster in the world.

Download | File Size: 836kb

Steeplechase @ Coney Island

Description:  Looking for a signature ride to open his new park with, Mr. Tilyou found a novelty ride that would remain popular in the hearts of New Yorkers for 65 years - Steeplechase Horses.

Download | File Size: 295kb

Steeplechase @ Pleasure Beach
Description:  Arrow's Steeplechase is the only such ride existing today.  A half mile long, triple track with speeds up to 30 mph, this is a sprawling ride with a great station and visual effects along its course.  Another gem from Pleasure Beach.

Download | File Size: 848kb

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